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Polyvinyl alcohol and povidone have lubricant properties, reducing irritation and redness of the eye. These substances reduce the surface tension of tear film, easily covering the surface of the eye, and prevent the occurrence of testosterone propionate fracture sites tear film. Polyvinyl alcohol has properties similar to those of mucin-producing glands in the conjunctival. It helps • Read More »

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Protein interacts with a specific receptor in target tissues, regulates the expression of genes kortikoidzavisimyh and thus influences on the synthesis of protein.Stabilizes lysosomal enzymes of leukocytes membranes; inhibits the synthesis of kinins, mitosis and migration of leukocytes; It inhibits the synthesis of antibodies and antigen recognition breaks. All these effects are involved in the • Read More »

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When applied topically in the form of eye drops, timolol reduce both normal and elevated intraocular pressure by decreasing the formation of intraocular fluid. It has testosterone propionate cream no influence on pupil size and accommodation. The action of the drug is 20 minutes after instillation in the conjunctival cavity. The maximum decrease in intraocular pressure • Read More »

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Combined testosterone propionate buy preparation that improves the energy metabolism of the lens. Cytochrome C plays an important role in a biochemical redox processes in the tissue of the eyeball, and an antioxidant. Adenosine – a precursor of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is involved in the metabolic processes of the lens. Nicotinamide stimulates the synthesis of nicotinamide • Read More »

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The antibacterial activity of ofloxacin relates mainly to the L-isomer. As an antibacterial drug class of fluoroquinolones, levofloxacin blocking DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV, testosterone cypionate vs propionate gives supercoiling and crosslink DNA breaks, inhibits DNA synthesis, causes profound morphological change in the cytoplasm, the cell wall and membranes . Effective against: Gramotritsatelnyh aerobes: Branhamella (Moraxella) • Read More »