testosterone propionate

Polyvinyl alcohol and povidone have lubricant properties, reducing irritation and redness of the eye. These substances reduce the surface tension of tear film, easily covering the surface of the eye, and prevent the occurrence of testosterone propionate fracture sites tear film. Polyvinyl alcohol has properties similar to those of mucin-producing glands in the conjunctival. It helps mitigate and lubrication (moisturizing) surface of the eye, improves the stability of tear film.
Due bioavailability study it was found that after instillation of two drops in each eye drug concentration in plasma components through the use of 4 hours after the possible remains below the limit of quantitation (10 ng / ml). This suggests that the surface of the eye with the systemic absorption of the drug components using eye drops minimal.



  • Feeling a burning sensation, irritation, and discomfort caused by dry eyes.
  • As substitutes tears by decreasing the secretion of tear fluid.
  • “Dry” eye syndrome, or any other conditions requiring corneal softening and moisturizing.Contraindications
    : Hypersensitivity to the drug.

    Dosage and administration
    of 1-2 drops 3-4 times daily in both eyes, depending on the severity of symptoms.
    Before using the product, wash hands.
    Shake the bottle and remove the cover. Make sure that the tip of the pipette does not touch the surface of the skin or eyes to avoid getting infections.
    Tilt your head back, pull the lower eyelid down, turn the bottle and drip the required number of drops into the conjunctival sac.

    Side effects
    are possible allergic reactions to the drug.

    The interaction with other drugs
    Polyvinyl alcohol undergoes esterification reactions characteristic of compounds with secondary hydroxy groups. It collapses in strong acids and is softened or dissolved in weak acids and alkalis. At higher concentrations the substance incompatible with inorganic salts, especially phosphates and sulphates. Sedimentation 5% polyvinyl alcohol may be caused by a reaction with phosphates. Gel formation of the PVA solution can occur in the presence of borax.
    The solution of povidone is compatible with many inorganic salts, natural and synthetic resins and other substances. Reacted in solution with sulfathiazole, sodium salicylate, salicylic acid, phenobarbital, tannin and other substances. The efficacy of some preservatives, such as thiomersal, may be reduced due to the formation of complexes with povidone.

    Do not use the drug if the color testosterone propionate of the solution changed and it became cloudy. Ensure that the tip of the bottle during use does not touch any surfaces. After use, close the vial cap. Should stop using the drops and consult a doctor if:

  • using pain drops enhanced;
  • deteriorating eyesight;
  • the symptoms persist for more than 72 hours;
  • stored redness and irritation of the eyes.
    The droplets contain benzalkonium chloride, therefore it is impossible to wear contact lenses for 20 minutes after the use of drops.Application of pregnancy and lactation
    have sufficient experience of use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is not use in pregnant testosterone propionate women and nursing mothers may only prescribed by a doctor, if the expected therapeutic effect is greater than the risk of possible side effects.

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